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This practice session will cover the following skills:


  • Patient Assessment – Trauma (E201)

  • Patient Assessment – Medical (E202)

  • BVM Ventilation of an Apneic Adult Patient (E203)

  • Oxygen Administration by Non-Rebreather Mask (E204)

  • Bleeding Control/Shock Management (E213)

  • Cardiac Arrest Management / AED (E215)

  • Joint Immobilization (E216)

  • Long Bone Immobilization (E217)


The following equipment will also be provided for skills practice:


  • CPR Manikins & AED trainers

  • First aid kits for skills

  • BVM’s for skills

  • Suction device & catheters for skills

  • O2 Tanks with NC’s, NRB’s, for skills and familiarization

  • Spine board and head beads for skills


The following equipment will also be available for familiarization:


  • Kendrick Extrication Device (KED)

  • Traction Splint

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official skills test sign-off and does not count towards certification. This practice session is only for preparation purposes only. This training is not affiliated with any EMT training school.

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