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Q. How many handguns am I allowed to qualify with to list on my license to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) for Orange County?

A. The Orange County Sheriff's Department does not have a limit on the number of handguns you can list on your permit. Since all firearms may not fit on your CCW, supplemental cards will be issued to list all of your firearms you qualify with.

Q. What are the steps to obtaining a license to carry a concealed weapon in Orange County?

A. There are several steps required. First, visit the Orange County Sheriff Department website at and the first step in to make an APPOINTMENT REQUEST. All information to obtain a CCW is listed on this page.

Q. When should I take my training class?

A. We recommend that students do not take the CCW class until conditional approval is given by the sheriff staff to proceed.

Q. Can I use my spouse's or other relative's firearm for my qualification?

A. No. Each firearm listed on your license must be registered to you. The sheriff's department will check with the DOJ to confirm the registration.

Q. Can I make a change to the handguns listed on my license after I've been issued the license?

A. Yes. You can make an amendment to your license by making an appointment with us and performing a range qualification with the handgun(s) adding. You will be given a certificate of completion that you will need to give the sheriff's department along with a DOJ amendment form and a license fee.

Q. How often do I have to renew my CCW license?

A. Generally, the license is valid for 2 years. Reserve peace officers and judges have different renewal periods.

Q. I lost my proof of training. How do I obtain a duplicate certificate?

A. Call or email with your name and date of birth and we will send you another certificate at no charge.

Q. What is covered in the CCW class?

A. We cover the Orange County Sheriff policy, terms of the license, use of deadly force, basic firearm fundamentals, and more.

Q. Am I required to qualify with a holster?

A. Currently, we do not require our students to qualify with a holster. Although not required, it is imperative that CCW licensees know how to present from a holster (draw from a holster) which we do cover in class and will have you practice. We do not do this at the range because of the liability and range restrictions.

Q. Do I have to bring my handguns to the sheriff's department for inspection?

A. No. Firearms are prohibited in the building. The sheriff's department used to perform the firearm inspection but this is now done in the classroom by our staff.


Q. What is the youngest age you will train someone with a firearm?

A. Generally, we will not consider anyone under 8 years old. However, it may change from a case-by-case basis.

Q. Will you train with someone who is disabled?

A. We will make every accommodation possible and we have yet to turn anyone away with a disability. Safety is paramount so training with a firearm will only be done if safe to do so.

Q. Do you have a range at your training site?

A. No. However, we work with several shooting ranges which accommodate us. Our classroom is a quiet environment which is beneficial, especially with first time shooters.



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