Graduates of this course will be certified as USCCA Instructors. Although this course is open to the public, instructor candidates must prove to the Training Counselor that they are experienced in firearm use and/or be a currently qualified instructor within another organization. This is not a beginner's course.

Topics covered in the class include:

1. Instructor Development

2. Lesson Plan Highlights

3. Planning a Class

4. Range Exercises (Virtual and Live)

Prior to attending this course, instructor candidates are required to purchase an instructor toolkit and complete online eLearning modules. The instructor toolkit can be purchased by clicking here. 

If you are interested in this course, please do the following:

1. Contact USCCA Training Counselor, Greg Jurek, at to express your interest.

2. Contact the USCCA and confirm the date of class and purchase the instructor toolkit.

3. Register for this course online through this website (pre-registration required).

4. Complete the online eLearning prior to class.

NOTE: Applicants must complete the eLearning and we must submit a roster to USCCA 2 weeks prior to class. It is important that the eLearning is completed in a timely manner.

Course Cost: $347.00

Other Fees: None - Range Fee Included

Pre-requisites: Proficient in firearm use and instruction.

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