This is an 4 hour course that consists of a more in-depth look into the use of deadly force and is a must for anyone owning a firearm. This course is taught by a certified use of force instructor. This course is classroom only and no firearm qualification is required. A course completion certificate will be issued as proof of training.

Topics will include:

  • Self Defense in general

  • Justification for use of force

  • Fighting mindset

  • Dynamics of violent encounters

  • Understanding our legal system and lethal force concepts

  • Interacting with and controlling suspects

  • Interacting with witnesses

  • Interacting with responding officers

  • Legal aftermath

  • Physiological aftermath

  • Psychological aftermath

  • Minimize your legal exposure

  • Documenting your training

Course Cost: $80.00

Other Fees: None

Pre-requisites: Students must possess at least one of the following:

  • Concealed Weapon Permit (Any State)

  • Certificate of Eligibility

  • Firearm Eligibility Certificate

  • Proof of purchase (DROS) of a firearm within the last 6 months

  • BSIS Guard Card or Exposed Firearm Permit

  • Be in a profession where this type of training may be relevant

  • Any other documentation that shows the student is of good moral character or has completed a background check.

A copy of "The Law of Self Defense" will be given to each student at class.

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